LigaTurf Series

Best Uses:

Soccer Turf

Soccer (or football as our friends around the world call it) is the great challenge of our R&D efforts.

The ball-to-surface interactions and the high standards of elite players keep us on our toes. To be honest, no synthetic turf manufacturer has made the perfect system — but we’re getting closer. Grass is the gold standard that we strive to emulate. Balancing the desire for grass’s playability with the need for high durability is AstroTurf’s mission. Rapid technological advances and evolving product designs are getting the LigaTurf soccer field product line closer.

AstroTurf strives to imitate the playability and safety of the most pristine natural grass fields. Like natural grass fields, artificial turf systems fall along a spectrum ranging from the unplayable to the exceptional.

Certain challenges must be overcome in order for a field to be classified as the upper echelon of synthetic surfaces.

Elite Pitches Must:

LigaTurf RootZone Blend in Action

LigaTurf RootZone Blend in Action

  • Replicate natural grass by minimizing the splash of infill particles that sprays when players tackle, strike a ball or change direction.
  • Provide the most grass-like energy restitution and reduce joint fatigue
  • Maintain the most uniform, predictable playing surface over time
  • Reduce the chances of concussion by absorbing the impact of a fall on a surface
  • Ensure optimal cleat release and reduce torque transmitted to joints
  • Deliver the extreme usage expected of synthetic playing surfaces

For these reasons and more, AstroTurf launches the LigaTurf product line specifically for soccer. These systems offer a broad portfolio of system choices that fit most budgets. Many are FIFA-certified.

Available Options:


AstroTurf holds the patent on XtraGrass, a product which augments a living natural grass system with synthetic fibers for added durability. This is an investment for facilities willing to devote the maintenance to a natural grass field.

LigaTurf RS Pro II Cool Plus

This shorter pile system is installed over a pad with multiple infill options.  There are two versions, one made domestically, the other imported from Europe.  This tried and trusted system has been used elite pitches around the globe.

LigaTurf RootZone Blend

Grass-like traction with reduced torque to lower extremities. Less infill spray. Consistent shock attenuation. Improved durability. Enhanced energy restitution with pad, and especially with Organic infill.


RootZone featured for durability, playability, and safety. Tire-Free: Utilizes virgin Nike Grind material for infill. Nike Grind infill is encapsulated with green coating for more uniform coloration and enhanced resiliency.

LigaTurf Blend

Tire-Free. Pad and lightweight infill (good playability). Blends the High Micron mono and slit film fibers, delivering aesthetics and durability at a more accessible price point.


ProductUsageRootZoneInfill SplashFace FibersAestheticsPadInfill
XtraGrassLightNaturalNoneMonofilament Synthetic & Natural BladesTotallyNaturalNoneNone
LigaTurf RS Pro II Cool PlusModerateNoModerateMonofilamentExcellentRequired. Multiple Options Available.Organic, EPDM, TPE
LigaTurf RootZone BlendModerate – HeavyYesMinimalMonofilament & Slit FilmVery GoodRequired. Multiple options available.Organic, EPDM, TPE
NRGModerate – HeavyYesMinimalMonofilament & Slit FilmExcellentRequired. NRG + pad available, featuring Nike Grind captured from the Reuse a Shoe program.Nike Grind
LigaTurf BlendModerateNoModerateMonofilament & Slit FilmGoodRequired. Multiple options available.Organic, EPDM, TPE