Multipurpose Sports Turf

The vast majority of AstroTurf fields are installed for use by multiple sports. This makes sense, since the very reason most customers go synthetic is to permit more usage.

Benefits of Using AstroTurf

Achieving a balance of properties to satisfy the requirements of multiple sports and user groups requires more than just installing different line packages — it requires a range of turf technologies and an understanding of the various user groups’ needs.

Recommended Multipurpose Products:

Our Work


“Our new field has a big “Marauder” as the center logo and is lined for football and soccer. The lacrosse lines will be painted. All of our players and opposing teams love the speed of play and how the field feels underfoot. Our Varsity football team went 4-1 on the new AstroTurf surface and our players and coaching staff could not be happier with the field’s overall performance.”

Athletic Director Greg Harcos,
Jesuit High School


“We looked at eight different companies when it came to replacing the turf. As we looked at the cost and quality of the products, the AstroTurf system rated highest on our list. We weren’t in a position to host a large number of events before. AstroTurf has been a great addition and it has allowed us to have a multi-purpose facility where we can host more events and outside events, such as high school football playoff games.”

Athletic Director Paul Lueken,
Slippery Rock University


“Our initial focus is to provide our student-athletes with a consistently excellent experience on the fields of play and provide space for our growing intramural and recreation program. We are excited to be partnering with AstroTurf in this endeavor, and have the utmost confidence in their product line and people.”

Athletic Director Stevie Baker-Watson,
DePauw University


Featured Installation

Ohio State University

sports turf

Ohio State University
Beekman Field #9


The Ohio State University recently hired AstroTurf to convert an existing native soil athletic field to a state-of the-art synthetic turf field that would match the existing AstroTurf 3D fields we constructed in 2012 at Lincoln Tower Fields. This project was administered under a brand new Design/Build process for OSU, which required AstroTurf to forge ahead in uncharted territory.


AstroTurf was the prime contract holder and provided both professional design services and general construction as part of its contract with The Ohio State University. This required a great deal of leadership. Clear communication, organization, and diligence were necessary to manage the project and ensure that all subs, which included architecture and various construction firms, met their goals in a timely fashion. The specific scope of work included field design, engineering, temporary fencing, erosion control measures, excavation, storm water management, concrete, dynamic base construction, synthetic turf installation, new sod installation, landscaping and grow-in oversight.