As the fastest growing sport in North America, Lacrosse is making its mark.

Lacrosse even has turf needs specific to the sport. Even, predictable footing and extreme durability (especially in the creases) are crucial. Lacrosse players move at a breakneck speed, and the turf can’t slow them down. Infill spray should be minimized in order to provide true and predictable bounce passes and bounce shots.

Benefits of Using AstroTurf

AstroTurf’s focus on “more fiber, less fill” is ideal for the sport of lacrosse. The 3D product line reduces lower extremity torque, creates even and predictable footing, reduces infill spray and enhances durability. That’s a winning combination for Lacrosse players and field owners alike.

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Our Work


“We are confident in our selection of AstroTurf for the new playing surfaces on Smith Field and Coaches Field. The technology behind their products is impressive, and the emphasis on player protection and safety was paramount in our decision-making process.”

Athletic Director Michael Thomas,
Boys’ Latin School

“Greensboro College absolutely loved the new Astroturf field you all provided us with. The student athlete experience could not have been any better for each sport that participated on the turf this season. AstroTurf has gone above and beyond for Greensboro Men’s lacrosse multiple times this season. Thank you again for all you have done.”>

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Mike Foderaro,
Greensboro College

“The new turf has been great. Plays better than the one had previously and holds up well in inclement weather. We could not be happier with the new field.”

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach James Fritz,
Queens University of Charlotte

Featured Installation

Annapolis High School

lacrosse turfs

Annapolis High School in Maryland by Jeffrey Sauers of Commercial Photographics


Anne Arundel County Public Schools contracted with AstroTurf to install six fields at 4 high schools across the district between 2012 and 2016. Annapolis High School was to receive a replacement of its existing synthetic turf field in its Stadium, as well as two new synthetic recreational fields.

Annapolis’ previous synthetic stadium field was built by others over unsuitably soft soils. Unfortunately the soils were not properly stabilized the first time around, which resulted in pumping of the base, inadequate drainage, and even several sink holes concentrated around the bleacher side of the field as well as scattered throughout.

Geotechnical surveys performed on the sites for the two new fields revealed one planned site had unsuitable soils, and the other did not.


In order to deliver the most cost-effective solution to Annapolis High School’s soil issues, AstroTurf devised a plan to address the soft soils where needed.

The AstroTurf team repaired the base’s sink holes with concrete and used extra caution to roll and re-roll the drainage base throughout the repair process and carpet installation to ensure optimal planarity. For the new recreation field with unsuitable soils, the AstroTurf team took preventative measures to ensure that the field would drain properly and exhibit ideal planarity.

The team stabilized the subgrade layer prior to stone placement by tilling cement into the soft soils, guaranteeing that the field would not suffer the same drainage and planarity issues seen on the Stadium field prior to AstroTurf’s remediations.