Field Replacement Program

The AstroTurf Replacement Fields Program

AstroAdvantage Package

No matter how great a turf system you may have installed, there comes a time in the life of every field when it has to be replaced.

The fibers become tired, the surface becomes worn and replacement becomes a matter of urgency due to player safety and quality of play. Don’t wait too long, begin planning for your field replacement now with the AstroAdvantage Field Replacement Program. Let our industry experts evaluate your field, your needs, and your budget and help save you time and money during this important process.

Our 4 Step Field Replacement Process

1. Base Analysis

Before the field is replaced, we highly recommend that your existing base be evaluated for drainage issues, weak or vulnerable spots, settling, and any other problems that could compromise your field. Like renovating a house, surprises can be revealed when you look under the surface. We can carefully pull back portions of the turf for inspection. That way you can accurately budget up front for any remediations needed, and there are no surprises after work has begun.

2. Field Removal

Once you’ve done your research on the newest technologies in field system design and selected your new playing surface, the real work begins. We will remove and dispose of your old field. Having done the inspection and base analysis up front, we will have a better idea of any base remediation or fine grading required and can undertake that work once your old field has been removed.

3. Field Replacement

With the old field removed and the base planarity and drainage ensured, AstroTurf crews can begin the process of installing your new field with the latest techniques. Over the last several years, AstroTurf has pioneered installation methods what will prolong the life of your new field and reduce the risk of injury. If you’ve opted for a shock absorbing pad, that will go down first. Turf panels will then be unrolled (sometimes with prefabricated inlays), seams welded, inlays installed, and finally, the field will be infilled and groomed. Then you can hit the turf running!

4. Field Maintenance

Even the bet fields require upkeep. With AstroTurf’s comprehensive Rhino maintenance plans your field will receive the best care in the industry to help prolong its life and keep your new field game-ready for years to come. Packages are customizable to best suit your facility’s needs.