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Latest News

AstroTurf Corporation Names Philip Snider Chief Operating Officer

Dalton, GA – Synthetic turf and construction veteran Philip Snider has been named the Chief Operating Officer for AstroTurf Corporation. Philip moves into the role after previously serving as the Executive Vice President of Operations at AstroTurf.   

Philip originally joined the AstroTurf team in 2017 after his company, Sports Construction Management, was purchased by AstroTurf. He had served as President and Owner of SCM since the founding of the company in 2001. Under Philip’s leadership, SCM grew its workforce from 1 employee to over 120 employees and earned the reputation as the premier sports field contractor in the nation.

“We are very pleased to have someone of Philip’s caliber to lead AstroTurf into the future,” said SportGroup North America CEO Heard Smith. “After a record-breaking sales year in 2018, we are confident that the table is set for even more success, and Philip is the right person to help us accomplish our company’s goals and objectives.

As Chief Operating Officer, Philip is responsible for overseeing the management of all of the sales and construction divisions within AstroTurf along with the future expansion of the company’s operational capabilities.

“I am thrilled to be representing one of sport’s most iconic brands in this role,” Snider said. “We have incredible products, a great team, and tremendous opportunities ahead of us. The future of our company is very bright and I am so excited to be a part of what is taking place at AstroTurf.”

Philip is a graduate of North Carolina State University and resides in southwestern Virginia with his wife Kelly and their four children.  He is a true believer in giving back and with a love for people, he supports local non-profits and travels annually into third world nations to work with those in need.

About AstroTurf®
For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s website at www.astroturf.com.

The Brand

In marketing, top of mind awareness refers to a brand or specific product being first in customer’s minds when thinking of a particular industry or category.  It is a very important concept in consumer behavior, marketing research, and marketing communications. AstroTurf sits at the very top of the list when it comes to name recognition and awareness in the synthetic turf industry.   

Being first to market is always a huge advantage when achieving such a lofty status in the mind of consumers and AstroTurf had a big head start in the category after inventing synthetic turf over fifty years ago. Being first isn’t the only thing that puts you on top though. You also have to have a proven track record of success and to have earned the customer’s trust over time.

To demonstrate the theory of top of mind awareness, let’s play a little word association game. We will mention a few categories and you say the first brand that pops in your head. Ready? Let’s go – facial tissues, toothpaste, mattress, ketchup, soda. Your answers probably look a lot like ours – Kleenex, Crest, Serta, Heinz, Coca-Cola. There may be a few variances but chances are these brands were in at least your top two in the categories.

How did we know your responses? Because all of these brands have worked very hard with their marketing, advertising, and customer service to make themselves the leaders in their particular industry.  To be the first brand that consumers think of in a particular category is the goal of every brand and the envy of all of its competitors.

Not all synthetic turf is AstroTurf®.  AstroTurf® is a company that makes some of the most technologically advanced and innovative products in the industry. By definition, innovation is constantly changing. As the industry’s leading technology provider, our commitment to Research and Development is unparalleled. Staying on the cutting edge is no easy task.

At AstroTurf, our goal is to stay on the top of consumer’s mind for all of the right reasons. Our reputation, value, service, innovative products, and our commitment to quality are all of the things that have carried us to the top of our industry over the past fifty years. We take pride in being known as “The Brand” in our industry. We are the brand that started it all, the brand that has endured, the brand that has led in innovations, the brand that customers trust, and the brand that is the first one you think of when someone mentions artificial turf.

So the next time you jump in a Jacuzzi®, eat a Popsicle®, or reach for a Band-Aid®, think about how you are really jumping in a hot tub, eating a freezer pop, and using a bandage and then appreciate the hard work those brands put in to become the market leader for that category. And if you are ever in the market for a synthetic turf field we hope that you think of AstroTurf®, “The Brand” that started it all. Remember, all AstroTurf® is synthetic turf but not all synthetic turf is AstroTurf®.

Maryland Field Hockey Trusts AstroTurf Once Again

College Park, MD – The Maryland Terrapins are about as close to field hockey royalty as you can get and AstroTurf is just about as legendary as a brand can be, so their long, successful partnership seems to be a natural fit. Maryland has once again chosen AstroTurf, the brand that changed the sport of field hockey, to provide their field hockey program with a premium playing surface.

Maryland has one of the most accomplished field hockey programs in the country with 23 consecutive NCAA appearances, 12 Conference Tournament Championships, and 8 National Championships.  For a program with this type of continuity of success, it is important to keep all of the elements of the formula at that same high level and the field is no exception. The Terrapins chose to go with the AstroTurf System 90 once again, which combines the traditional knitted nylon top cloth with a 3/8 inch Armacell pad.  

AstroTurf fields have long been regarded as the unequivocal standard for field hockey performance and are the favorite among coaches and players alike for their playability, durability and low maintenance requirements. The knitted nylon surface is unique to AstroTurf and preferred because it provides tight tolerances, non-directional play and a uniform surface. It’s no wonder AstroTurf is recognized as the Official Artificial Surface Provider of both USA Field Hockey and the National Field Hockey Coaches Association, as well as a preferred supplier for FIH.

Another legendary figure that is integral to this story is Maryland Coach, Missy Meharg. The 9 time National Coach of the Year was certain that she wanted this tremendous relationship to continue. “For me and the Maryland Terrapins, it is AstroTurf only. The lifeline coupled with the non-directional nylon component provides the consistent ball playability that all players love. It’s easy for our national and FIH level athletes to showcase their brand on the best hockey playing surface in the world. Thank you Maryland and thank you AstroTurf,” said Meharg.

AstroTurf and Maryland Field Hockey have been intertwined for decades. Not only have the Terrapins played their home games on AstroTurf, all of their national championships have been won on an AstroTurf pitch. It’s hard to talk about D1 field hockey history without mentioning a premium program like Maryland or the dominant brand of AstroTurf. The Terrapin’s continuity of success and AstroTurf’s commitment to the game gives assurance that the two will enjoy a great relationship going forward.

“We could not be more pleased with the trust that the University of Maryland has placed in us,” said AstroTurf Director of Field Hockey Andy Belles. “We take great pride in what we do, and having an elite coach like Missy Meharg return as a satisfied customer helps us know that we are doing the right things.”

Maryland’s procurement of the brand new field was made possible by AstroTurf’s association with Sourcewell.  Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) is a government agency empowered by state statute to serve its public-sector membership. Sourcewell is a market leader with a track record of innovation and growth across all its services. The co-op’s strong buying power and solid reputation help bring world-class brands, well-regarded programs, and nationally respected experts to its membership.

About AstroTurf®
For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s newly redesigned website at www.astroturf.com.

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