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Since 1965, the AstroTurf brand has been driven by forward thinking ingenuity. Today AstroTurf continuously improves its system design to deliver playing surfaces with the most realistic, sport-specific performance, longest lasting durability, and sound player protection.

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Latest News

AstroTurf Corporation Names Todd DeWolfe Vice President of Architectural Sales for the Eastern United States

Dalton, GA – AstroTurf Corporation, the inventor and leading innovator of synthetic turf, announces Todd DeWolfe as Vice President of Architectural Sales for the Eastern United States. In this role, Todd will be primarily working with Architects and Consultants to ensure they have all of the information that AstroTurf has to give about the product lines of AstroTurf, Rekortan Tracks, Laykold tennis courts and the other brands in the SportGroup family.

A graduate of Central Michigan University in Recreational Facility Management, he spent time working for businesses that built sports facilities before entering the turf industry in 1998. Todd’s twenty plus years in the turf industry, his time in sports construction, and his work in his family’s excavation business have all worked together to make him uniquely qualified for his new role with AstroTurf®.

“I’m excited to start my next journey in the turf industry as Vice President of Architectural Sales with AstroTurf®,” said DeWolfe. “It’s an exciting time in our industry as we’re discovering what makes not only the best fields biomechanically, but also the longest lasting fields with reduced maintenance compared to other turf systems.  Our AstroTurf 3D RootZone line of products falls into that category.  I’m looking forward to taking that information to the specifiers and consultants.  I believe we can change turf for the better and with our partners we’re accomplishing that.”

Todd will also be AstroTurf’s liaison to the University of Tennessee and our joint venture in improving the quality and testing of synthetic turf fields.  He will be instrumental in furthering the relationship with UT and our commitment to creating safe, long-lasting, and high-performing athletic fields. He will also continue to work with AstroTurf clients and sales consultants as needed and also represent AstroTurf on the Board of Directors for the Synthetic Turf Council.

About AstroTurf®
For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s website at www.astroturf.com.

Atlanta Track Club Installs Rekortan Smart Sports Surface Technology

Atlanta, GA – Rekortan and SportGroup have been working with system developers, Humotion GmbH, to create an exclusive contract for an intelligent sports surface technology. This smart technology provides professional athletes, ambitious runners and anyone who wants the perfect solution for recording and documenting their run and sprint times. Using state-of-the-art sensor technology combined with magnetic gates, all key parameters are logged.  This includes distance, running times and splits as well as measuring the number, lengths and frequencies of each step of an athlete through each gate.

With this system, the athlete wears a high-tech sensor or smart phone on a waist belt. As soon as the athlete starts to move, the sensor or smart phone begins logging the data. Whenever the athlete passes a magnetic gate, the sensor detects the magnet in the surface as a timing point. This allows motion and time data to be divided into sections between the gates and assessed accordingly. The sensor is able to determine where the athlete is on the surface and it is also able to distinguish between rests and changes in direction. Assessment results allow for more effective training programs. This technology is great for not only athletes, but for coaches and strength and conditioning professionals to develop programs and help prevent injuries.

These smart surfaces can be installed in new or existing tracks, and can also be used for turf applications. Rekortan has an option of mobile gates that do not need to be integrated into the surface and can be placed anywhere to conduct performance testing. With Rekortan Smart’s mobile timing gates, you can take your gates with you wherever you are – the playing field, practice field, gym, or backyard.

The Atlanta Track Club is the first to have a Rekortan Smart installation in the United States currently. Cheney Stadium was originally a prefabricated rubber track surface that has being updated to a Rekortan Resurface System. Guy Thomas, Director of Track Operations for AstroTurf & Rekortan, took the lead for this installation which was being retrofitted into the existing track. With help from Nagle Athletic Surfacing’s, Matt Synder, together they installed 54 magnetic rods into Cheney Stadium. The installation process was fairly quick taking only one day to complete. Every installation, once completed, includes an in-person instruction on how to use the diagnostics software and sensors. Trevor Merkosky, with Advanced Polymer Technology, attended this event along with Johannes Rosenmoeller (CEO) and Stefan Berkow, of Humotion GmbH. During this event, Trevor and Stefan gave a presentation of how to use the Smart technology. During the presentation they demonstrated how to wear the sensor, how to perform the tests/running through the magnetic gates, and then how to view all the data using the diagnostic software. The event had a very successful turnout with Coaches and athletes from all around the area that came to learn about the technology and ask questions.  For more information on Rekortan Smart, please contact Trevor Merkosky at 724-452-3920 or Merkosky@advpolytech.com

About Rekortan:
Designed for the current day athlete, the Rekortan track system is a diverse, world class series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance. The Rekortan debut in 1969 revolutionized the track world with quality and innovation, forever crowning our systems as “the fast tracks”.  Rekortan is part of the SportGroup, arguably the largest sports surfacing company in the world.

Muenster Independent School District Joins the AstroTurf Family

Muenster, TX – AstroTurf is pleased to welcome the Muenster Independent School District to its family of customers as construction starts on their new stadium field.  It may surprise you that Muenster, Texas and AstroTurf have a lot more in common than just a synthetic turf field.

The town of Muenster is a great combination of German-American culture with over 90% of its population having German heritage. While they celebrate German culture, there’s not many places as American as Texas.  And there aren’t many brands as American as AstroTurf!  AstroTurf has been made in America since 1965 but has benefitted from some German-engineering in the development of the industry’s new wonder-fiber, Trionic™.  Five years of pre-market research and development, constant testing, and continuous tweaking have enabled us to create an optimal fiber for long-term integrity and durability.

Muenster ISD will receive one of the most technologically advanced football turf fields in the country – AstroTurf’s 3D3 Blend turf system featuring the Trionic™ fiber.  The Trionic™ fiber is a super-fiber that reinforces player-friendly polyethylene fibers with ultra-durable nylon polymers in a feat of chemical engineering never achieved before in the turf industry.  The “3D3” designation means the field also has AstroTurf’s patented RootZone, a sub-layer of crimped fibers that stabilizes the infill and increases shock absorbency.  All of these factors combine to make a synthetic turf that is stronger, safer, better, and more resilient.

“We really take pride in being the innovation leader in the turf industry,” said AstroTurf Regional GM Jim Savoca. “For us, it’s all about giving the customer a field that is predictable and performs at a high level, and we are confident that the Muenster Hornets are getting just that.”

Muenster High School has been performing at a high level also, coming off a 12-2 season in 2018 and a Texas State Championship in 2017.  Head Football Coach, Brady Carney stated, “Getting this new AstroTurf field is a gigantic step for our athletic program.  We’ve achieved a high level of success and this field will contribute to building our program and helping it remain successful for years to come.”

Installation for the new field at Hornet Stadium will be handled by Symmetry Turf, AstroTurf’s exclusive distributor in Texas. Symmetry Turf is a construction expert with an impressive resume that includes 7 NFL installations and over 60 NCAA & Military sports field projects.

“Muenster High School is one of the most successful high school athletic programs in the state and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Coach Carney and the Muenster school district to continue our legacy of building high performance fields,” said Symmetry Turf President Jason Bell.  “The folks at Muenster ISD are “our kind of people”, the kind of people who value quality products and service in lieu of the main-stream options.  They have seen and played on our fields and they have experienced the difference between ours and others.”

 About AstroTurf®
For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s website at www.astroturf.com.

About Symmetry Turf
Symmetry Turf is a sports construction company that specializes in building athletic facilities, sports fields, and tracks for schools, professional stadiums, and municipalities throughout the country. Headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Symmetry is an industry leader in sports construction and athletic playing surfaces. For more information, visit www.symmetryturf.com

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