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Since 1965, the AstroTurf brand has been driven by forward thinking ingenuity. Today AstroTurf continuously improves its system design to deliver playing surfaces with the most realistic, sport-specific performance, longest lasting durability, and sound player protection.

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Richmond Football Upgrades Stadium Surface to AstroTurf

Richmond, VA – Robins Stadium, home of the University of Richmond Spiders, will be celebrating its 10-year anniversary during the 2019 football season and will do so with a fresh new look as Richmond is upgrading their playing surface with a new AstroTurf premium turf...

AstroTurf Conversion Systems

Since its inception, AstroTurf has dominated the niche conversion market within the synthetic turf industry.

AstroTurf introduced the world to synthetic sports turf in the 1960s, thereby changing athletic competition forever. It went on to invent conversion systems (Magic Carpet, AstroHopper, and AstroLift) that have fundamentally altered stadium operations, affording arenas previously unknown flexibility and revenue opportunities. In fact, AstroTurf conversion systems have been in use since the installation of AstroTurf at the Houston AstroDome in 1966. This system was the forerunner of the AstroHopper type system.

AstroTurf installed convertible systems at virtually all of the high profile venues through the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The advent of third-generation (tall-pile, rubber-filled) systems in the late 1990s accelerated the turf industry. The softer feel of the polyethylene blades and cushioned support of the infill were favored by athletes. However, these systems posed a unique challenge to stadiums wishing to host multiple events and sports. Problems arose with containing the infill, and machinery did not have sufficient power to lift the turf containing the 20,000 recycled tires used in the new systems.

Living up to its historical commitment to these facilities, AstroTurf rose to the challenge. In 2008, we designed and installed a Magic Carpet system for the University of Northern Michigan that could successfully roll up tall pile turf without infill. In 2010, the current Magic Carpet II (MCII) system was installed at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Missouri, the former home of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams. The product is the latest and greatest in turf technology — the 3D product with rubber infill.

The AstroHopper system was simultaneously improved upon, and it too was redesigned to handle heavy, infilled turf. This system was selected as the conversion system of choice for the Rogers Centre and Toronto Blue Jays in 2010 and again in 2015. The AstroHopper II is also used by the Dakota Dome (2012) among others.

For facilities looking for the flexibility of a conversion system, here are the available options that are offered by AstroTurf:

  • Astro-Lift:  A forklift attachment is used to roll up panels (Panel System).  The size of the forklift that would be required would be dependent on the turf product selected.  Generally the forklift is rented due to the cost of the equipment.  The turf panels are generally 15’ wide and come in maximum lengths depending on the turf product selected.  If an infill (all rubber) turf product is selected the panels can be installed up to 170’.  If a non-infill system is selected (shorter pile turf with attached pad) we can install panels up to 200’.
  • Astro-Hopper:  A ride-on piece of equipment designed to roll turf up and down.  This piece of equipment has been around for many years and in some situations we modify / refurbish an existing Astro-Hopper in lieu of building one from scratch (we do have the capability to build one from scratch).  The Astro-Hopper allows you to roll the field up in a tight roll and lay the field down in place with little adjustment.
  • Magic Carpet 2:  This is a full-size field all attached together in one (monolithic) piece.  There are pneumatic blowers to reduce friction and aide in lifting the turf in place so the field can handle the weight of the infill.  The turf is stored onto a single, mechanical core (cob), which can be surface-floor mounted or recessed into the stadium / venue floor.
  • Astro-Mod:  Primarily used over smaller areas such as basketball gym floors.  The panels can be installed and removed with little to no equipment.  However, removal and installation in a large area would require more time than other systems.  This is a non-infill system with each panel being approximately 29.5 Sq. Ft per panel.

We are confident that AstroTurf can design a system that will meet all of your needs, budget, and performance requirements. After all, we invented synthetic turf and the conversion system.


AlamoDome Baseball Conversion

UTSA AlamoDome


Laykold® Gives Some Hard Rock Appeal at the Miami Open

Miami, FL – AstroTurf’s sister company, Laykold®, demonstrates a great example of transforming sport and space at the Miami Open during the renovation of Hard Rock Stadium. This undertaking was no small feat as Hard Rock Stadium was converted from a football stadium to a first-class Tennis Complex.

The renovated stadium takes luxury to a new level and every detail was painstakingly thought out and tested. As the Official Surface for the Miami Open, Laykold® designed new court colors specifically for the event. Oasis Blue and Biscayne Blue capture the sea, the sky and the sizzle of tennis at the new Miami Open and provides a stage for the best players to rock.  

Even though these colors were designed for the Hard Rock, now they are available to you when you are ready to repair or resurface your tennis court and want to rock the same look as the 2019 Miami Open. Laykold® systems and color selections are rigorously tested to perform at the most elite level and the Miami Open colors have been tested to ensure visibility. Now you can get the same performance and look for your courts.

For more information or to get a quote, call 724-452-1330 or email info@aptpolytech.com or visit www.laykoldmiamiopen.com

About Laykold: Laykold is the choice of premier tennis facilities across the world, and is also widely used for all-weather courts for pickleball, basketball, futsal and more. Laykold has been the official surface of the Miami Open since 1984, the NY Open, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s Safe Places to Play. Laykoldsystems are court surfaces that can be customized to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance. The Laykold and Laykold Masters line include a wide variety of hard court and cushion court systems to meet your specific needs.

AstroTurf is Giving Their Customers VIP Access to the Owner’s Box

Dalton, GA – In the never ending pursuit to provide AstroTurf® clients with the very best customer experience possible, the company is now giving their customers VIP treatment with a new website feature appropriately named “The Owner’s Box.”

AstroTurf® field owners will now be given access to an entire range of tools, information, services and features that can all be found in one place.  Current customers and future clients will be able to request access to a wide assortment of product information such as CSI specifications, product testing, brochures, and specifications for our current product lineup, and much more.

Field owners can log into the system and claim their current AstroTurf® field and immediately begin using this tool. Once the field is claimed and approved, the owner can view the field warranty, request maintenance, and log maintenance directly into AstroTurf’s project management system. This will also be an open line of communication that the owner can use to request expert consultation about their field.

This feature is also linked to the AstroTurf Field Building Configurator. AstroTurf’s configurator was an industry first, allowing visitors on the AstroTurf site to build their dream sports field and put their vision for a field on a file that can easily be shared with others. All these tools are examples of how AstroTurf is striving each day to meet and anticipate the needs of their customers.

“AstroTurf Corporation has always been focused on a customer-first type of business model,” said AstroTurf Director of Marketing Sydney Stahlbaum. “We are working hard to give our field owners the necessary tools to get the most out of the life of their field, and to also keep the lines of communication open so that we can tend to their needs on an ongoing basis.”

The dynamic functionality of this tool will allow customers to have all of their field information in one place and make documenting field maintenance easy. There is even a feature that will alert customers when they need to schedule maintenance. Whether you are recording information about your current field, planning for your field replacement, or are in the beginning stages of designing your field on the AstroTurf Field Configurator, the information you need is all at your fingertips on the AstroTurf website.

The AstroTurf Owner’s Box can be found at www.astroturf.com. Please visit the site and claim your VIP access to The Owner’s Box today!  

About AstroTurf®
For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s website at www.astroturf.com.

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