Soccer Turf

Soccer turf (or “football” as our friends around the world call it) is the great challenge of our R&D efforts.

The ball-to-surface interactions and the high standards of elite players keep us on our toes. We have traveled to fields around the world, consulted doctors who specialize in lower extremity injuries, experts in natural turf grass, we have assembled the most experienced and knowledgeable minds in synthetic turf and the result of that work now comes to life as the reimagined LigaTurf line including XtraGrass — a 100% natural grass field reinforced by synthetic fibers. To be honest, no synthetic turf manufacturer has made the perfect system — but we’re getting closer. Grass is the gold standard that we strive to emulate. Balancing the desire for grass’s playability with the need for high durability is AstroTurf’s mission. Rapid technological advances and evolving product designs are getting the LigaTurf soccer turf product line closer.

Benefits of Using AstroTurf

AstroTurf strives to imitate the playability and safety of the most pristine natural grass fields. Like natural grass fields, artificial turf systems fall along a spectrum ranging from the unplayable to the exceptional. Certain challenges must be overcome in order for a field to be classified as the upper echelon of synthetic surfaces. For this reason and more, AstroTurf launches the LigaTurf product line specifically for soccer. These systems offer a broad portfolio of system choices that fit most budgets. Many are FIFA-certified.

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“The turf plays beautiful and without a doubt it is the nicest turf I have ever been on. The bounce and the roll of the ball is like playing on a well-manicured grass field… The decision to use AstroTurf for our new stadium is the best decision we made for our new 8 million dollar complex.”

Men’s Head Soccer Coach Bob Gray,
Marshall University

“You start with an outstanding playing surface. That’s most important in the games, is what you’re playing on, or what that surface is. We’ve got an outstanding surface that will result in a high caliber game.”

Athletics Director Dave Heeke,
Central Michigan University

“We believe that our partnership with AstroTurf is going to keep Starfire ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering the ultimate soccer experience. The playability, consistency, durability, and aesthetics of the AstroTurf surfaces are the best we’ve seen and it’s going to allow our players, at all levels, to practice and compete on the best surface in the world.”

General Manager Ben Oliver,
Starfire Sports

Featured Installation

Gilbert Lindsay Park

soccer turf

Gilbert Lindsay Fields


The previous installation of the turf fields at Gilbert Lindsay Park in Los Angeles included perimeter drains and a light polymer coating, which failed. There were serious problems related to drainage and planarity. The drainage problems were severe enough to cause degradation of the existing shock pad and turf as well as exposure of the subgrade. The City of Los Angeles endeavored to find a cost effective but long-term solution for this under-served neighborhood. They also wanted to avoid crumb rubber and were interested in other infill options.


AstroTurf collaborated with the City and the City’s Consultant to develop a new product, a totally novel synthetic turf system. AstroTurf was the logical manufacturer due to its long-standing “more fiber, less fill” philosophy. This new extremely dense “Golden Series” turf is paired with a shock pad and eliminates the need for crumb rubber infill or other expensive infill alternatives without foregoing the advantages of traditional infill systems. ZeoFill was used for ballast and provided unique benefits as a nontoxic mineral sold in health food stores. This product holds (but does not require) water, creating an evaporative cooling effect as the water is slowly released.

This Golden Series turf system grew in popularity rapidly and sold more than 1,000,000 square feet in its first three months on the market.