Football Turf

The glow of the lights. The call of the play. The roar of the crowd.

These facets of the game are woven into the quintessentially American experience of football. AstroTurf provides consistent, uniform, reliable football turf fields to ensure that these traditions thrive. For the last five decades, AstroTurf has worked to protect football players and to propel them to perform.

Benefits of Using AstroTurf

Football is a grueling sport, and the gridiron takes a beating. Your field should stand up to the pressure as well as your players do. Football presents a unique set of challenges for turf manufacturers — we need to protect players’ lower ligaments during play, attenuate shock to reduce the chances of concussions, all while providing the speed and agility players need to perform. To deliver these benefits at the same time, AstroTurf incorporates distinct technological innovations.

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“We went through an exhaustive search to find the best field available for our needs. We were impressed with what AstroTurf had to offer and they stood out as the logical choice.”

BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo,
Boston College

“We’re thrilled to be getting a brand new AstroTurf playing surface for Armstrong Stadium. We had the opportunity to experience one of their earlier generation 3D fields and we were impressed. As momentum grew to install our own artificial turf at Hampton, the choice was clear – we wanted AstroTurf.”

Director of Athletic Facilities/Operations John R. Jackson Jr.,
Hampton University

“Our players, coaches and staff have been extremely satisfied with our AstroTurf fields at the Sherman Smith Center. When it came time to replace the turf at Boone Pickens Stadium, we decided to stick with AstroTurf.”

Athletics Director Mike Holder,
Oklahoma State