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AstroTurf works hard to provide quality field solutions that leave our customers saying…


Lower Columbia College

“AstroTurf’s Diamond Series turf system gives us everything we are looking for across performance, aesthetics and low maintenance. We’re thrilled with the outcome.”

LCC Athletic Director, Kirk Roland

Western Kentucky

“We just want to have an opportunity to practice and play, and we’ll be practicing and playing on one of the finest facilities in the country now.”

Head Baseball Coach, John Pawlowski

Midwestern State

“We are thrilled to give our student-athletes the opportunity to play on these exceptional AstroTurf athletic surfaces. The fields are fantastic and the AstroTurf team did a tremendous job with the whole project.”

Athletic Director, Charlie Carr


“From the playing field to the logos, the attention to detail is top notch. The colors are vibrant, the lines are crisp and the look and playability of the field will be second to none in college baseball.”

Head Baseball Coach, Travis Jewett

Sam Houston State University

“It’s stunning. It just sort of takes your breath away… It has a really impressive feel and look to it. The blue outline and the paws on the 25-yard line going in look awesome. I know our kids will be excited knowing they get the chance to play on that.”

Head Football Coach, K.C. Keeler

Princeton University

“Jeff Graydon set up test plots with different turf products. Our coaches and players aggressively evaluated each surface without knowing which was which. We unanimously chose one product, which we later learned to be AstroTurf. It was a totally blind test. The commitment from Princeton has been awesome. Jeff Graydon, Gary Walters, team members, and AstroTurf created an extraordinary combination, all working together to develop a stellar system.”

Head Field Hockey Coach, Kristen Holmes-Winn

West Texas A&M University

“We now have the opportunity to work and play in one of the nicest parks in all the NCAA Division II. Wilder Park has everything that you could ask for and more.”

Head Baseball Coach, Matt Vanderburg

Wake Forest University

“This field is going to give us a competitive advantage and help us to win more games. AstroTurf is the best product on the market and for us it was a no-brainer.”

Head Baseball Coach, Tom Walter

University of South Dakota

“Our competition [soccer] field is an AstroTurf product that ensures our ability to play and practice on a reliable, consistent surface.”

Athletic Director, David Herbster

University of Sioux Falls

“We are very excited about the new turf being installed at Bob Young Field. We felt a connection with AstroTurf and were encouraged by their active interest in what we needed done at Bob Young Field. As a result, the field will have a fresh and impactful look while providing safety for our student-athletes.”

Athletic Director, Mark Benedetto

University of Portland

“The transformation of Etzel Field… begins with our new AstroTurf field, which gives the stadium a distinct playing surface with several key advantages.”

Associate Athletic Director of Operations, Buzz Stroud

University of New Hampshire

“Our teams have loved playing on AstroTurf. When it came time to replace the field at Memorial, there was no contest. We chose to go with AstroTurf once again.”

Head Field Hockey Coach, Robin Balducci

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

“When you’re committed to an undertaking of this magnitude, you want to put it in the hands of the best people. We feel confident in our choice to go with an AstroTurf field in our new stadium because of their talented team and the unrivaled quality of their synthetic turf systems.”

Vice President of Athletics, Randy Mann

University of Delaware

“We went through an exhaustive search for each field we installed, to find the best artificial turf surface available for our student athletes. The AstroTurf brand … controls the manufacturing process from design through completion, and the research/development is the best in the business.”

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Joe Shirley

University of California Los Angeles

“There are no undulations in it. It’s beautiful. I think the guys really appreciate it.”

Head Football Coach, Jim Mora

Slippery Rock University

“We looked at eight different companies when it came to replacing the turf. As we looked at the cost and quality of the products, the AstroTurf system rated highest on our list.”

Athletic Director, Paul Lueken

Oklahoma State University

“Our players, coaches and staff have been extremely satisfied with our AstroTurf fields at the Sherman Smith Center. When it came time to replace the turf at Boone Pickens Stadium, we decided to stick with AstroTurf.”

Athletics Director, Mike Holder

Ohio University

“The addition of three new turfs demonstrates commitment to our sports programs and student-athletes. Maintaining quality facilities impacts performance and recruiting. We are proud to be working with AstroTurf with each of these projects. They are a leader in the industry and have been excellent for our staff to work with so far. The new turf at Peden Stadium has been met with rave reviews from our student-athletes and coaches.”

Athletics Director, Jim Schaus

Liberty University

“It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Liberty University family. We want to be able to provide our student athletes with the best facilities possible, and our exceptional AstroTurf playing surfaces have become a valuable part of that plan.”

Senior Associate Athletic Director, Mickey Guridy

Indiana University

“From Day One we were thrilled to be playing in our new stadium on the tremendous new artificial playing surface. I’m so proud of the team and what they were able to accomplish, and we’re so grateful for the support of the administration, Mr. Kaufman, and the folks at AstroTurf.”

Former Indiana Head Baseball Coach, Tracy Smith

Hampton University

“We had the opportunity to experience one of their earlier generation 3D fields and we were impressed. As momentum grew to install our own artificial turf at Hampton, the choice was clear — we wanted AstroTurf.”

Director of Athletic Facilities and Operations, Buster Jackson

High Schools

Port Neches-Groves ISD (TX)

“Our new AstroTurf fields not only solve the water issue, they deliver a low maintenance-high performance, consistent playing surface for our student-athletes. It’s a huge win-win for us.”

Director of Facilities, Jeff Bergeron

Scranton High School (PA)

“The people from AstroTurf gave a tremendous demonstration, they knocked it out of the park. We realized they were going to give us the most value for our dollar. The AstroTurf field was delivered as promised, and the whole process was prompt and efficient. They have been a great company to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone.”

School Board President, Cy Douaihy

Rosemont High School (CA)

“The new athletic fields at Rosemont and Kennedy high schools are wonderful additions to the schools and the communities they serve. The AstroTurf 3D turf system was selected after a thorough process by district and site staffs because of the design and quality of the product.”

Sacramento City USD, Gabe Ros

Refugio High School (TX)

“Our new AstroTurf field is simply stunning. There is no doubt in my mind that we have the very best artificial playing surface in the entire industry. They did exactly what they said they’d do at exactly the price they said they’d do it. If AstroTurf tells you they’re going to do something, you can take it to the bank.”

Head Football Coach, Jason Herring

Paramus Catholic High School (NJ)

“We have attained our success by never following what everyone else is doing. We prefer to set the tone for ourselves. This is why we chose AstroTurf. They are selling a new standard for field design and quality. We have a really good feeling about not only the quality of their products, but the quality of their staff. We look forward to a long partnership with AstroTurf.”

President, Jim Vale

Nolan Catholic High School (TX)

“In football, as in life, you want to give your kids every opportunity to succeed. On the gridiron, that starts with the actual playing field. We chose AstroTurf 3D Decade because the technology and design were head and shoulders above the competition, and because their people stand behind their product as evidenced with a ten year warranty.”

Head Football Coach, Joe Prud’homme

Maryville High School (TN)

“We decided that AstroTurf was, by far, in our opinion, the best turf product out there at this time. When you visit a company like this, that pretty much does it all from start to finish, from the build of it to the install, you just feel so much more comfortable with the fact that you’ve seen their manufacturing operations.”

Board Member, Denny Garner

Other Venues

Goals for Soccer Complex – Pomona CA

“The fast-paced action of SSF demands a pitch that can perform consistently with high usage, and we’re confident that our new AstroTurf playing surfaces will tackle the challenge.”

Property & Development Director, Morris Payton

Rogers Centre

“Rogers Centre and the Toronto Blue Jays have a strong relationship with AstroTurf, which has allowed for two successful turf installations. Their knowledge of synthetic playing surfaces as well as their understanding of Rogers Centre’s building requirements has and will continue to be a valuable asset to our team.”

VP of Building Services, Kelly Keyes

Starfire Sports

“The playability, consistency, durability, and aesthetics of the AstroTurf surfaces are the best we’ve seen and it allows our players, at all levels, to practice and compete on the best surface in the world.”

General Manager, Ben Oliver