Classic Series

Best Uses:

Field Hockey Turf

AstroTurf has a long history of innovation and leadership in the hockey world.

It’s the brand that changed the sport. At the same time, field hockey has shaped AstroTurf’s history as well.

Field hockey is about the work that’s put in. It’s about the coaching. It’s about dedication. It’s about leadership. It’s about speed. It’s about skill development. It shouldn’t be about the surface. And that’s exactly why the surface is so important.

Features Include:

  • The preferred brand for hockey across the globe
  • FIH-Certified (AstroTurf is an FIH Preferred Provider)
  • Available in knitted and tufted designs
  • Made with nylon and/or polyethylene fibers
  • Designed to meet the needs of a variety of field hockey programs in a range of budgets
  • Uniform, predictable, and consistent.
  • Available in multiple colors and with a variety of shockpads

Available Options:

AstroTurf 12

“The Original” AstroTurf carpet for Field Hockey-exclusive fields. Knitted fields are the most durable and most uniform. Nylon is durable and hydrophilic (absorbs water) —exceptional for wet play. Most uniform and consistent surface. Used by the most elite programs.

Poligras Platinum CoolPlus

Imported from Europe, the Poligrass system, was used at the last Olympics in Rio and will be used in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic. This tufted PE system is a proven product.


Nylon fibers are ideal for wet play and are durable. Very durable (though not as durable as AstroTurf 12). Can have a slight grain when going through tufting machine.

Stadia Turf 13

Good option for field hockey-only fields. Non-infilled profile will play fast. Great for dry play.

The Green Series DT

Great option for multipurpose but hockey-centric fields. ZeoFill and nylon hold water, good for wet play. Very heavy fiber system.


Good option for multipurpose fields, especially shared with lacrosse and/or soccer.

RootZone 3D3 Blend

Good option for multipurpose fields, especially shared with lacrosse, soccer, and even football (must have a pad or more rubber for football use).


The Classic Series field hockey turf lineup offers a range of products to suit most budgets and performance requirements. Familiarize yourself with this primer on “turf terms” to help inform your product selections.


Knitted =
Fibers tied in knots and pulled in multiple directions (more expense, less directional).
Tufted =
Fibers punched through a backing (less expensive, more directional).


Nylon =
40% more resilient and 33% stronger than Polyethylene. Absorbs water.
Polyethylene =
Less expensive, less abrasive, less durable, less resilient than nylon. Repels water.
Product Profile Construction Fibers Pad
AstroTurf 12 Short Pile, Non-filled Knitted Nylon Required. Multiple options available.
Poligras Platinum Short Pile, Non-filled Tufted PE Required. Multiple options available.
AstroGrass Short Pile, Non-filled Tufted Nylon Required. Multiple options available.
Stadia Turf Short Pile, Non-filled Tufted Polyethylene Required. Multiple options available.
The Green Series DT Medium Pile, dressed with Sand and/or ZeoFill Tufted Polyethylene Face and Nylon RootZone Required. Multiple options available.
PGPN Medium Pile, dressed with Sand and/or Rubber Tufted Polyethylene Face and Nylon RootZone Required for non-rubber filled surfaces.
RootZone 3D3 Blend Tall Pile, filled (may be heavily sanded to be more hockey-friendly) Tufted Polyethylene Face and Nylon RootZone Not required but available.


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