Pomona Has New GOALS with AstroTurf

A brand new soccer complex that is reimagining the game has come to SoCal… Learn More

StubHub Center Locks-in AstroTurf as Official Partner & Provider of Synthetic Turf

StubHub Center, home of the MLS club LA Galaxy, has announced a partnership with AstroTurf… Learn More

Nike Grind & AstroTurf Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Since 1965, the AstroTurf brand has been driven by forward thinking ingenuity. Today AstroTurf continuously improves its system design to deliver playing surfaces with the most realistic, sport-specific performance, longest lasting durability, and sound player protection.


“Moving to turf was not an easy decision for us and came with a great deal of research. We wanted a surface that would bring harmony to both the offensive and defensive components of the game. AstroTurf’s product allowed us the best opportunity to do this without compromising any aspect of our field.”

Head Baseball Coach Tim Corbin,
Vanderbilt University

“Our players, coaches and staff have been extremely satisfied with our AstroTurf fields at the Sherman Smith Center. When it came time to replace the turf at Boone Pickens Stadium, we decided to stick with AstroTurf.”

Athletics Director Mike Holder,
Oklahoma State

“The turf plays beautiful and without a doubt it is the nicest turf I have ever been on. The bounce and the roll of the ball is like playing on a well-manicured grass field… The decision to use AstroTurf for our new stadium is the best decision we made for our new 8 million dollar complex.”

Men’s Head Soccer Coach Bob Gray,
Marshall University

“AstroTurf is the preferred surface of our sport for a reason. Their turf has the speed and consistency you just can’t find in other surfaces.”

Head Coach Sally Starr,
Boston University

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Pomona Has New GOALS with AstroTurf


Pomona, CA – A brand new soccer complex that is reimagining the game has come to SoCal, and they’ve brought the pioneers of synthetic turf with them. Goals Pomona, a cutting edge soccer facility that embraces small field play, opened in February with ten pitches all made by AstroTurf®.

Goals Pomona is the second venue to open in California as part of an expansion into the US by Goals, a UK-based soccer company with 46 locations in Europe that specializes in Small Sided Football (SSF). SSF is growing rapidly in popularity and the sport is even recognized by FIFA, soccer’s global governing body. SSF matches allow for more active participation, a faster pace of play and more touches for each player on the pitch. Goals Pomona is set up with nine 5v5 fields and one 7v7 field, and the entire venue is floodlit so the competition can continue day and night.

Every one of the ten pitches is surfaced with AstroTurf’s Rhino SF synthetic turf system. These artificial surfaces feature AstroTurf’s highly durable slit film fibers, which help them stand up to the heavy use of facilities like Goals Pomona. Instead of the traditional crumb rubber infill, these fields feature a premium combination of EPDM and sand, which, when combined with a Trocellen pad give the pitches improved shock attenuation. Constructed with proper drainage, these Rhino SF artificial surfaces will provide exceptional performance that can stand up to high usage come rain or shine.

“California is a booming soccer market, and Goals is excited to bring our brand of football to Pomona,” said Morris Payton, Property and Development Director for Goals Soccer. “The fast-paced action of SSF demands a pitch that can perform consistently with high usage, and we’re confident that our new AstroTurf playing surfaces will tackle the challenge.”

AFE Sports, a certified AstroTurf distributor, managed installation of the 78,000 square feet of synthetic turf needed for all ten pitches. The project was completed in January, and Goals Pomona officially kicked things off with a Grand Opening on February 11th.

About AstroTurf®

For athletes and sport enthusiasts, AstroTurf® has redefined the way the game is played. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-sport and specialized synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf-branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety.  To learn more, visit AstroTurf’s newly redesigned website at www.astroturf.com.

StubHub Center Locks In AstroTurf as Official Partner and Provider of Synthetic Turf

StubHub Replaces Existing Crumb Rubber Synthetic Turf with AstroTurf’s Non-Crumb Rubber System Bringing Cutting-Edge Field Technology and a Maximized Playing Surface to the Venue’s Youth Soccer Field

 CARSON, Calif. (March 8, 2017) – StubHub Center, home of the MLS club LA Galaxy, has announced a partnership with AstroTurf, the maker of the world’s best artificial playing surfaces. As part of the agreement, brokered by AEG Global Partnerships, AstroTurf will become an official partner of the multi-use sports stadium and the preferred vendor for all future synthetic turf projects. Additionally, AstroTurf’s cutting-edge DT32 System will replace the existing crumb rubber synthetic field of StubHub Center’s Field 7, which is used to host various clinics as well as the LA Galaxy’s Girls’ Academy team.

Instead of a traditional crumb rubber infill, the DT System incorporates ZeoFill, an organic mineral found in water filtration systems and health food supplements. ZeoFill’s ability to retain water helps reduce surface temperatures and delivers an exceptional playing surface designed for high use and performance, all while eliminating the use of crumb rubber. This venue upgrade comes in support of the Los Angeles Department of Recreation & Parks “LA Spec” initiative to replace crumb rubber synthetic fields with non-crumb rubber fields across Los Angeles. When properly maintained, non-crumb rubber fields are believed to offer superior playing surfaces as well as added environmental and economic advantages over time.

“StubHub Center Field 7 is an important location at our facility that allows us to support various forms of youth soccer,” said Katie Pandolfo, general manager of StubHub Center. “We knew we wanted to provide a high performance shock pad in order to make the field safer and more playable. AstroTurf represents the best and latest technology in the industry, and we are excited to select the DT32 System in order to provide our players the best playing surface available and improve the overall experience on Field 7 at StubHub Center.”

The “LA Spec” program emerged out of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks’ desire to develop a unique system that yielded a safer, more durable, cooler, and more consistent performance than previous generations of rubber-filled synthetic turf can offer. With a dense and compact fiber matrix, heavy-duty fibers, specialized RootZone® technology, and ZeoFill, AstroTurf’s DT System delivers just that.

A custom-designed Brock PowerBase/YSR shock pad, specific to the StubHub Center’s unique needs, will provide shock attenuation guaranteed for 25 years to never exceed 125 Gs. The control of field characteristics with the pad means that the overall artificial turf system can be engineered to accommodate heavy usage under the extreme UV exposure in Southern California. At the same time, it stays cooler and significantly improves performance metrics such as field planarity and ball roll. Additionally, infill fly-out and splash is virtually eliminated.

“We are the best in the world at building synthetic soccer fields. StubHub Center is a world-class venue, and the LA Galaxy are the standard bearers in MLS. This partnership between AstroTurf and StubHub Center represents two leaders in the industry looking to grow the game of soccer in one of the world’s best venues,” AstroTurf Director of Soccer, Anthony DiCicco said of the announcement. “This is another example of StubHub Center and the AEG organization leading the way for American soccer.”

The wave of next generation turf design is gaining ground at StubHub Center and beyond. By supporting the National Soccer Coaches Association of America and U.S. Soccer Foundation, AstroTurf is helping grow the game in communities across the U.S. The company aims to create safe places to play and enable soccer facilities to meet growing usage needs with high performing and consistent surfaces.

AstroTurf’s relationship with StubHub Center goes back to the facility’s origins. AstroTurf and its local distributors and contractors have been loyal supporters of the Galaxy Foundation as well as the venue since 2003. The company has installed a number of projects on-site, one of which included an AstroTurf field featuring the RootZone technology on Field 5. Additionally, AstroTurf and its local contractors helped build fields with the LA Galaxy Foundation, including a project around MLS Cup 2014 at A Place Called Home – a safe haven in South Central Los Angeles for underserved youth.

The new AstroTurf DT32 playing surface at StubHub Center’s Field 7 is scheduled for completion by June of 2017.


For athletes and soccer enthusiasts, AstroTurf® is redefining how synthetic soccer fields are built and perform. The brand offers advanced, state-of-the-art synthetic turf systems with proprietary engineered technologies. A growing number of clubs, high schools, colleges, professional sports teams and municipalities continue to select AstroTurf’s Green Series DT32 -branded products for their premium quality, technical superiority, and safety. To learn more, visit the company’s recently redesigned website, www.astroturf.com/soccer. For questions or inquiries, contact Anthony DiCicco at adicicco@astroturf.com.


StubHub Center is southern California’s home of world-class competition and training facilities for amateur, Olympic, collegiate and professional athletes. Managed by AEG Facilities, the $150 million, privately financed facility was developed by AEG on a 125-acre site on the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) in Carson, California. StubHub Center features an 8,000-seat tennis stadium, a 27,167-seat stadium for soccer, football and other athletic competitions and outdoor concerts; a 2,000-seat facility for track & field and a 2,450-seat indoor Velodrome – the VELO Sports Center – for track cycling.  StubHub Center is home to Major League Soccer’s LA Galaxy, the five-time MLS Cup Champions. StubHub Center is also home of the United States Tennis Association’s (USTA) High Performance Training Center, the national team training headquarters for the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) and EXOS, an international training center for elite and professional athletes. For additional information, please visit www.stubhubcenter.com.

Media Contact:
Anthony DiCicco

Kristi Mexia
Beck Media for AEG Global Partnerships

Nike Grind and AstroTurf Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions

Nike Grind selected AstroTurf® as its exclusive partner to create cutting-edge turf systems. The brands share a common vision of delivering the most technologically advanced equipment for athletes. A full year of collaboration, research, and testing has been invested in bringing AstroTurf NRG system with Nike Grind to market.

Nike Grind is a palette of premium recycled materials used in a variety of settings, including synthetic turf infill. But it’s much more than construction material. It’s a way for architects, athletic facility managers and parks and recreation personnel to address both sustainability and surface performance at the same time.

Nike Grind infill is prepared for use in AstroTurf fields through a series of steps. First, excess rubber from the manufacturing of shoes is collected. This rubber is engineered for human contact and conforms to Nike’s stringent quality standards and Restricted Substances List (RSL). The rubber is chopped up and properly sized for field drainage and uniformity. Finally the infill is encapsulated with a premium green-colored coating that boosts resiliency and gives NRG fields the consistent and plush appearance clients expect.

The groundbreaking NRG system features an advanced turf profile. With a dense fiber matrix, an advanced RootZone® infill stabilization system, and Nike Grind infill, the NRG system is the next step in turf design.

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