Green Series NRG

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Soccer Turf
Football Turf
Rugby Turf
Field Hockey Turf
Multisport Turf

Nike Grind — an AstroTurf Partner

Nike Grind recently selected AstroTurf as its partner to create cutting-edge turf systems.

The brands share a common vision of delivering the most technologically advanced equipment for athletes. A full year of collaboration, research, and testing has been invested in bringing AstroTurf NRG system with Nike Grind to market.

The groundbreaking NRG system, a member of the Green Series, features an advanced turf profile. With a dense fiber matrix, an advanced RootZone® infill stabilization system, and Nike Grind infill, the NRG system is the next step in turf design.

AstroTurf is the exclusive supplier for Nike Grind infill in the US.

NRG System

NRG System with Nike Grind Infill


Nike Grind infill is prepared for use in AstroTurf fields through a series of steps. First, excess rubber from the manufacturing of shoes is collected. This rubber is engineered for human contact and conforms to Nike’s stringent quality standards and Restricted Substances List (RSL). The rubber is chopped up and properly sized for field drainage and uniformity. Finally the infill is encapsulated with a premium green-colored coating that boosts resiliency and gives NRG fields the consistent and plush appearance clients expect.

The NRG turf systems are designed specifically for Nike Grind infill, with a shorter, denser profile than most systems. This creates a firmer field that is designed for speed. The RootZone reduces infill migration, which creates a uniform surface for predictable footing while enhancing system durability. The NRG Series are installed over a pad for guaranteed shock absorption. Some pads even incorporate Nike Grind materials, for a full Nike system.