Green Series DT

The Green Series is the next step in the evolution of an industry. It is a family of turf systems including pads and infill, that have three qualities in common – a sophisticated natural turf approach, a dense carpet structure, and no crumb rubber.

A star system of the Green Series, the DT system emerged from a confluence of factors, all of which demanded more from synthetic turf. In the wake of the “rubber controversy”, Los Angeles Rec and Parks (LARAP) and its chief outside consultant approached AstroTurf, the leader of high face weight turf, with a plan for a system that:

  • used NO rubber
  • reduced maintenance requirements
  • lowered field temperatures
  • withstood the heavy wear and tear of round-the-clock urban use

AstroTurf quickly evaluated and thoroughly vetted the “LA Spec”. The result is the DT System, one particular turf system in the Green Series family that has gained rapid popularity. On site field testing demonstrates that these systems rival the shock attenuation and energy restitution of natural grass fields, according to grass research conducted by the University of Tennessee’s Center for Athletic Field Safety.

DT32 Turf System, part of the Green Series Family.



For decades the industry has relied on sparse, lightweight carpet systems propped up by cheap, commodity sand and rubber infills. Like Windows 95, this was a significant introduction 20 years ago.

But two decades later that formula is outmoded. AstroTurf still makes traditional infill systems to serve other markets and will continue to do so. There’s nothing wrong with rubber — it’s just old, tired technology.

The DT System is for clients who demand more than a “green side up” approach. In perfecting the system, we have harnessed our half century of experience building synthetic surfaces. The Green Series relies on the most important system component— fiber. Our systems allow athletes to play on the fiber, not on the infill. We’ve incorporated the best elements and technologies into one beast of a system:

  • Heavy fiber weight and turf density → Exceptional durability
  • Cutting edge infill for ballast that retains water (ZeoFill) → Zero infill spray, cooler field
  • No crumb rubber → No negative perceptions, “tire store smell”, migration, splash or intensive maintenance for safety
  • Proven pads → Guaranteed shock absorption
  • Specialized, high denier NYLON RootZone to protect infill and elevate face fibers → Stable system, uniform play, durability over time

The Difference:

The difference between the Golden Series turf system (right) and outdated technology (left) is clear.

The difference between the Green Series turf system (right) and outdated technology (left) is clear.

The first thing you’ll notice looking at a sample of the Green Series turf is its compact, dense fiber structure. The AstroTurf manufacturing experts pack 80 ounces of fiber into a 1.25″ tall pile. This is at least TWICE as heavy as traditional, commodity turf systems and at least FOUR TIMES as dense (per HUD carpet standards). Manufacturing to this level of sophistication requires separate machinery, extra time, and a lot of know-how.

We’ve doubled down on our long-standing position that more fiber makes a better system. We’ve invested in the most critical element of the turf system (fiber), and it has paid off.