RootZone 3D Series

Best Uses:

Soccer Turf
Football Turf
Rugby Turf
Lacrosse Turf
Multisport Turf

The 3D Series is AstroTurf’s most popular product line.

The 3D Series adds a RootZone® to basic infilled turf systems. The RootZone, a texturized layer of fibers that draw down to encapsulate infill, results in minimal rubber splash, better shock absorbency, and less infill migration than basic systems. The RootZone improves safety, playability, and durability, making 3D systems the top choice for athletes and field owners alike. Importantly, independently funded research by Michigan State University has shown the RootZone to reduce torque transmitted to lower extremities.

Other System Highlights:

  • Manufactured with unmatched quality controls
  • 3D Decade systems available with ten year, non-prorated warranties
  • Multi-ply primary backing system for dimensional stability
  • Polyurethane secondary backing system featuring optional soy-based BioCel™ technology
  • Available with a range of infill options
  • Also available in the RootZone 3D HD line, which offers denser configuration for enhanced durability and a more plush appearance

Available Options:

RootZone 3DM

Uses the high micron monofilament fiber. This 365 micron fiber is AstroTurf’s thickest and most durable mono ever, reaching 150,000 Lisport cycles.

RootZone 3DSF

The slit film fiber is the workhorse of the synthetic turf industry. This proven fiber easily surpasses 150,000 Lisport cycles with minimal degradation.

RootZone 3D3 Blend

By combining three fibers in one system (RootZone, XP+ and High Micron), RootZone 3D3 Blend offers the both durability and aesthetics. This is AstroTurf’s most popular system.


Product Usage RootZone Infill Splash Face Fibers Aesthetics Best Uses
RootZone 3DM Light-Moderate Yes (Nylon or PE) Minimal Monofilament Excellent Best for lightly used venues where aesthetics are important (TV)
RootZone 3DSF Very Heavy Yes (Nylon or PE) Minimal Slit Film Good Best for extremely heavy use (lots of hours, pushing sleds, indoor use)
RootZone 3D3 Blend Heavy Yes (Nylon or PE) Minimal Slit Film AND Monofilament Great Suitable for stadiums and practice fields
RootZone 3D3 Blend HD Heavy Yes (Nylon or PE) Minimal Slit Film AND Monofilament Great Suitable for stadiums and practice fields. Shorter and denser than 3D3, designed for use with pads and alternative infills.

RootZone Benefits:

  • Grass-like traction with reduced torque to lower extremities
  • Less infill spray
  • Consistent shock attenuation
  • Improved durability


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