Orlando, FL – Orlando’s famous Camping World Stadium received its FIFA Quality Field Certificate on March 11, 2022, setting the stage for an exciting international match on a FIFA-approved turf in late April and making Orlando an even more attractive candidate host city for the World Cup in 2026. The city recently installed a new AstroTurf® field at the stadium as part of a major, multi-year stadium renovation project.

“If you want to be a host city for the World Cup, you need to show that you’re giving back to the community through turf projects, youth programs, and this really helps make the argument for Orlando and Camping World Stadium,” says Carl Capellas, Manager of Soccer for AstroTurf®.

Orlando installed a top-of-the-line turf system – AstroTurf’s RootZone 3D3 Trionic Blend 60. The field is manufactured with unmatched quality controls and features a multi-ply primary backing system to optimize dimensional stability.

Camping World Stadium also installed a Brock SP17 shock pad with 100% engineered organic infill. Brock is the leader in shock pad and organic infill technology in the U.S., and the company’s products are known for enabling players to run faster by keeping the surface firm and absorbing impact.

“Brock is extremely excited to be a part of this project. I remember playing at Camping World Stadium with the Richmond Kickers against Orlando City FC before they moved to MLS. To know that this historic stadium now has the most state-of-the-art synthetic turf playing surface that not only reduces temperatures but is also FIFA Certified is incredible. We can’t wait to watch more high-level games from different sports play on this turf,” says Ronnie Pascale, National Director of Sales for Brock USA.

Rigorously tested before installation and after, the project team poured an incredible amount of effort into this new field, knowing how important a high-performance field at Camping World Stadium is to the city, the athletes, and the synthetic turf industry.

“There aren’t many FIFA-quality fields done in the United States each year. The reality is, it’s not an easy process. A lot of work goes into it and the whole project team plays a huge part,” explains Capellas. “The architect on this project was really key to getting this field put in and certified.”

The field was tested by Sports Lab, the global leader in sports surface testing and certification, and given a Quality Pro rating by FIFA. The FIFA Certification lasts from March 2022 to March 2025.

Camping World Stadium (formerly known as the Tangerine Bowl and the Florida Citrus Bowl) has the opportunity to show off its new high-tech turf system later this month with a game between two teams in CONCACAF, the third most successful FIFA Federation. On April 27th, the 2022 MexTour will kick off in Orlando, giving central Florida soccer fans a night to remember. The stadium will host a friendly between the Mexican national team and the Guatemalan national team at 8 p.m.

This single match could generate as much as $8 million in local business, bringing a huge amount of energy and momentum to the city. It will also shed light on Orlando at just the right time. The battle for the World Cup in 2026 is starting to heat up, and there are a lot of high-profile cities on the candidate list, including Philadelphia, Nashville, Washington DC, and Miami.

“As the World Cup 2022 finishes this year in Qatar, the focus will turn toward 2026 quickly. The U.S. cities will begin building the hype, and hosting an international friendly is one of the main ways to do this,” explains Capellas.

Self-described as the soccer capital of the South, Orlando is making a strong case for 2026. Before the big international match, Camping World Stadium hosted several professional matches.

And with a new FIFA-approved AstroTurf® field, Camping World Stadium is making its statement loud and clear: it’s ready to host the world.

About AstroTurf®
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About Brock
Brock USA is the nationwide leader in performance shock pad systems for artificial turf fields. With over 140 million square feet of Brock pads in athletic fields worldwide, the company engineers the best, safest and most sustainable playing surfaces in the world for athletes at all levels. In October 2011, Brock became the first company in the industry to have a Cradle-to-Cradle Certification CM for its combined drainage and shock pad product. Brock also manufactures BrockFILL, an organic wood particle infill. It is sustainably grown and harvested from trees in the United States. Its benefits boast greater foot stability and reduces the temperature of the field. To learn more, visit Brock USA’s website at brockusa.com.