A system developed and patented by AstroTurf® to eliminate installation variables.

In an effort to continue its leadership role in an expanding industry, AstroTurf® has developed an exciting new process for constructing fields. AstroTurf®’s PREFAB system significantly reduces installation variables, inconsistencies and install time.

Prefabrication (PREFAB)

A typical football field has 398 individual inlays inside the field, not including any logos, end zone lettering or goal line “G”s.

By using our PREFAB patented process, we eliminate 243 individual and permanent inlays (hash marks, numbers, arrows, logos and other ancillary marking) from being completed on site. Instead each inlays are precision cut, placed, glued and rigorously inspected by our own certified, experienced and skilled team members in the climate controlled environment of a factory.

Once the completed turf rolls arrive on site, installation crews will have less work to perform to complete your installation – reducing time and costs. On average, the PREFAB process eliminated approximately 145 man hours of inlay work on site which conservatively eliminates 3 to 4 full days of on site installation work.

The PREFAB process can replicate “ideal” conditions for every field, eliminating variables like bad weather, crew skill levels and equipment and installation techniques. This ensures that your AstroTurf® field is installed flawlessly.


St. Louis Ram's Russell Training Center

St. Louis Rams’ Russell Training Center

This state-of-the-art facility is an ultimate display of the benefits of the PREFAB system. The Rams’ construction schedule provided 45 days to complete the site work and AstroTurf® installation, but the persistent poor weather in Missouri delayed the site work by several weeks. AstroTurf® approved the dynamic base construction mid-day on Thursday, July 23, 2009. The St. Louis Rams’ training camp opened as scheduled on Monday morning of July 27, 2009. Through the PREFAB patented process, AstroTurf® was able to install the AstroTurf® GameDay Grass™ field in less than 4 days!