AstroTurf Press Releases

Innovative AstroTurf Field Revitalizes Jesuit High School Stadium

CARMICHAEL, CALIFORNIA — When Hanson McClain Advisors Stadium at Jesuit High School needed a new field for its nationally-ranked sports teams, school officials wanted cutting-edge technology. AstroTurf, the leader in synthetic turf surfacing, was called in to address the Carmichael, California, school’s needs.

Installation of Brock under the Golden Series turf

Installation of Brock under the Golden Series turf

From consultations with the school, architects from Verde Design and field builder Valley Precision Grading learned Jesuit High School officials wanted to completely update the 45-year-old field and were seeking a novel approach to synthetic turf, with maximum utility for Jesuit’s nationally ranked sports teams.

“The Jesuit High School community wanted a field which could accommodate football and soccer,” said Fr. David Suwalsky, school president. “Installing turf rather than keeping grass would also allow a safer, year-round playing surface. Last year, there were 48 football games on the field; now, we can schedule football, soccer, rugby and lacrosse without concern for field conditions.”

University of Sioux Falls partners with AstroTurf to replace football turf with soy-based product

SIOUX FALLS — With a tie to agriculture, the University of Sioux Falls has partnered with synthetic turf pioneer AstroTurf to install a visually stunning grass-like surface at Bob Young Field located at the University of Sioux Falls Sports Complex (69th and Cliff). The turf will be manufactured from a soy-based synthetic grass.

“At a time when we needed to upgrade our turf, AstroTurf stepped up as a partner and worked with us to make this project come together,” said USF Director of Athletics Josh Snyder. “It was important for us to have the connection to agriculture due to our relationship with farmers such as the late Ron Eiesland,” he said.

Sioux Falls Football Rendering

Replacement of the turf at USF Stadium will begin on Wednesday, May 13. The new turf should be in place in approximately six weeks which is well in advance of the start of football season against U-Mary on Saturday, Sept. 5.