AstroTurf In The News

The University of Portland Pilots AstroTurf into the Northwest

Portland, OR, October 17, 2014– The University of Portland baseball program is on the rise, and an iconic baseball brand is helping them get there. The Pilots will kick off the 2015 season next spring on a brand new baseball field from AstroTurf®, the originators of the synthetic turf industry.

Installation of the state-of-the-art playing surface is underway.  A camera has been set up on location, and a new photo is uploaded every 5 minutes:

The new AstroTurf diamond will be part of a comprehensive renovation plan for Joe Etzel Field. The first phase of the project will feature immediate improvements such as new fencing, bullpens, a scoreboard and the cutting edge synthetic turf system. Coast to Coast Turf, a certified AstroTurf installer, will put their expertise to work in establishing the artificial surface at Etzel Field. Phase II is a long-term development plan that will include new grandstands, dugouts, lighting, a press box and other amenities. These modernizing enhancements are made possible by donations as part of the university’s RISE campaign.

Soy-Based AstroTurf in New Athletic Complex

BROOKINGS, S.D. — South Dakota soybean farmers score big with the new Sanford Jackrabbit Athletic Complex on the campus of SDSU (South Dakota State University). The field is manufactured from a soy-based synthetic grass.

SDSU Sanford-Jackrabbit Athletic Complex with soybean-based AstroTurf

The renewable product, (AstroTurf ® GameDay Grass™) 3D RootZone®, incorporates BioCel™ soy-based polyurethane, in the backing to which the grass-like turf is rooted. Manufactured by AstroTurf, LLC, 3D RootZone produced by incorporating soy oil to manufacture a bio-based polyol, that replaces a significant portion of the petro-based polyol.

This renewable backing extends the soy-based backing aids in extending the turf’s life, enhances player safety, reduces dependence on foreign oil and improves outdoor air quality.

The Safety of Crumb Rubber

crumb rubber and turf

AstroTurf values the health and welfare of every athlete who steps foot on our fields.  We understand the concerns raised and are determined to supply the world with safe places to play.

For this reason, we rely on a large body of evidence on synthetic turf and crumb rubber.  More than 60 studies conducted by various federal and state agencies have time and again confirmed the safety of crumb rubber with respect to human health and the environment.  While we will welcome and support further scientific studies, THERE IS NO CREDIBLE LINK BETWEEN CRUMB RUBBER AND CANCER.  This research is independent, transparent and freely available for download on the Synthetic Turf Council’s website.

AstroTurf uses only responsible rubber recycling firms and follows the STC guidelines for high quality infill materials.

For more information, contact the Synthetic Turf Council at 678-385-6720.  A copy of the STC’s official response can be found on their website here.