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Crumb Rubber Safety Affirmed by CT Dept of Public Safety


crumb rubber safety

The State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health has published a new report reaffirming the safety of crumb rubber.

The Department asserts:

“The Connecticut Department of Public Health has evaluated the potential exposures and risks from athletic use of artificial turf fields. Our study of 5 fields in Connecticut in 2010-2011 was a comprehensive investigation of releases from the fields during active play. This study was conducted as a joint project with the CT DEEP and the University of CT Health Center and was peer-reviewed by the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.”

The report continues:

“The news story suggests soccer players and especially goalies may have an elevated cancer risk from playing on artificial turf fields. This is based upon anecdotal observations of a university soccer coach…Reportedly the coach is developing a list of soccer players who have contracted cancer. However, the types of cancer are undocumented and so it is impossible to say whether they represent a common effect and there has been no reporting on how long the goalies played on artificial turf fields to see if there was plausible exposure and latency. There are many reasons why someone collecting a list of cancer cases may appear to find a cluster including the fact that when you have a single-minded focus on finding cases you do not capture all the non-cases that would tend to disprove the cluster. Documentation of an increased rate in soccer players would require an epidemiological study in which the total number who play on turf fields in a given region was also known so that a cancer rate could be established and compared to those that do not play on artificial turf fields. The current news report does not constitute epidemiological evidence and thus is very preliminary.

Our risk assessment did cover carcinogens that are known to be in recycled tires and the crumb rubber used to cushion fields. Once again, we found there to be very little exposure of any substances, carcinogenic or not, in the vapors and dust that these fields generate under active use, summer conditions. Background levels of chemicals in urban and suburban air from heating sources and automobile traffic are much more significant sources of airborne carcinogens. The fact that we sampled 5 fields (4 outdoor and 1 indoor) of different ages and composition suggests that the results can be generalized to other fields, a conclusion supported by the fact that results were similar to what was found in California, USEPA and European studies.”

The open letter can be downloaded in full here: 2015-02 Recent News Concerning Artificial Turf Fields


Iowa Pushes Ahead with Baseball Stadium Renovations

There is no chalk, no drawings on the foul lines and batter boxes minutes before the game. The umpire never dusts off home plate. There is never an uncomfortable landing on the pitchers mound.

And now, even the warning track in the outfield is different.

University of Iowa Duane Banks Field

Duane Banks Field is completely dirtless.

In mid-December, a major portion of Phase II renovations were finished for the Iowa baseball team’s stadium, AstroTurf ® — both the name of the state-of-the-art playing surface and company that constructed the field on the west side of the UI campus — replaced the natural grass outfield and warning track. AstroTurf was installed in the infield prior to last season.

The University of Portland Pilots AstroTurf into the Northwest

Portland, OR, October 17, 2014– The University of Portland baseball program is on the rise, and an iconic baseball brand is helping them get there. The Pilots will kick off the 2015 season next spring on a brand new baseball field from AstroTurf®, the originators of the synthetic turf industry.

Installation of the state-of-the-art playing surface is underway.  A camera has been set up on location, and a new photo is uploaded every 5 minutes:

The new AstroTurf diamond will be part of a comprehensive renovation plan for Joe Etzel Field. The first phase of the project will feature immediate improvements such as new fencing, bullpens, a scoreboard and the cutting edge synthetic turf system. Coast to Coast Turf, a certified AstroTurf installer, will put their expertise to work in establishing the artificial surface at Etzel Field. Phase II is a long-term development plan that will include new grandstands, dugouts, lighting, a press box and other amenities. These modernizing enhancements are made possible by donations as part of the university’s RISE campaign.