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Safe Fields Alliance Issues Statement in Response to NBC Report

safe fields allianceNew York, NY, October 1, 2015 – Today the Safe Fields Alliance (“SFA”), a coalition dedicated to educating stakeholders around the safety of synthetic turf fields using crumb rubber, issued the following statement in response to the September 30th, 2015 NBC News report on this topic:

First and foremost, our sympathy goes out to the cancer patients and their families featured in the NBC report.  Nothing is more important than the safety and health of children.  That is why when making decisions related to children’s safety and health we have to look at the facts and the science, which in this case are extremely clear: synthetic turf fields using crumb rubber are safe.  Dozens of scientific studies, including peer-reviewed academic analyses and federal and state government reports, have all found no connection between these fields and cancer or other health issues.

When this issue was first raised in 2008, a number of studies were commissioned and the overwhelming majority of the scientific community was satisfied that the results showed no reason for concern.  As NBC notes in its report, “No research has linked crumb or shredded rubber to cancer.”

Don Sanders Stadium Getting Major AstroTurf Facelift

Once it gets time for Sam Houston State baseball to begin, the Kats’ home will have a shiny, new look worth better than a million bucks.

Work has begun on installing an all-AstroTurf ® playing surface at Don Sanders Stadium and is expected to be finished before the end of December, just in time for the Bearkats’ first practice in January.

Sam Houston State University Don Sanders Baseball Stadium

The outfield, infield and even the pitcher’s mound will all have turf surfaces.

“The entire thing is turf. Everything,” Sam Houston State baseball head coach Matt Deggs said. “A few schools are using turf mounds. The University of Kansas is one and the University of Indiana is another. We’ve talked with those guys and they swear by it. We want as little maintenance as possible to maximize the times we’re out here. It’s a significant benefit for us from the standpoint of functionality and effectiveness. It’s a great advantage, not even to mention the weather.”