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Signature Moment for USF Football Field

Cougars will mark their territory with color, name as the school upgrades Bob Young Field.

Most folks who follow or are a part of Northern Sun Conference football would agree that the University of Sioux Falls’ Bob Young Field ranks among the top stadiums in the 16-team conference. But even so, the playing surface always was lacking in one area.

University of Sioux Falls Bob Young Football Field

“When I came here to interview I was like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe this is a Division II Stadium,'” says athletic director Josh Snyder, who just completed his first year on the job. “Then I walked up to the glass (in the press box) and looked down on the field and the first thing I noticed was this plain green field with a bunch of soccer lines on it. There was no logo, no nothing.”

That’s finally going to change.

University of Sioux Falls partners with AstroTurf to replace football turf with soy-based product

SIOUX FALLS — With a tie to agriculture, the University of Sioux Falls has partnered with synthetic turf pioneer AstroTurf to install a visually stunning grass-like surface at Bob Young Field located at the University of Sioux Falls Sports Complex (69th and Cliff). The turf will be manufactured from a soy-based synthetic grass.

“At a time when we needed to upgrade our turf, AstroTurf stepped up as a partner and worked with us to make this project come together,” said USF Director of Athletics Josh Snyder. “It was important for us to have the connection to agriculture due to our relationship with farmers such as the late Ron Eiesland,” he said.

Sioux Falls Football Rendering

Replacement of the turf at USF Stadium will begin on Wednesday, May 13. The new turf should be in place in approximately six weeks which is well in advance of the start of football season against U-Mary on Saturday, Sept. 5.