Green Technology

One Look At Our Turf, And You’ll See Our Stewardship.

There are many ways in which AstroTurf is using recycled and renewable content and other progressive technologies to lead the synthetic turf industry in a commitment to the environment. In fact, through the depth of AstroTurf’s integrated manufacturing units, an ever increasing number of “green” components is being added to every AstroTurf system.

UTT BioCel Polyurethane Backing SystemsBIOCEL

Our backing systems employ BioCel™ technology, an environmentally friendly unitary polyurethane backing system that reduces the need for petroleum-based polymers. BioCel combines soybean oil and a highly refined form of the mineral lignite to form a backing system that is unaffected by moisture and can be perforated for enhanced drainage. Reducing the need for petroleum based polymers, BioCel reduces dependence on foreign oils and landfill waste while extending product durability and improving indoor and outdoor air quality.

AstroTurf ® GameDay Grass™ infill systems feature highly durable rubber, extracted from post consumer recycled tires by certified recyclers all across the US. These materials have been rigorously tested by the international scientific communities for both environmental and human health hazards and have been found to pose no risks. In fact, the EPA approves the use of post-consumer tires for the purpose of athletic fields. In a typical field, AstroTurf will use up to 20,000 recycled passenger tires.

Celceram™ is a recovered green component that stabilizes and toughens the polyurethane compound. It is a product of coal combustion in an electrical utility power plant, carefully selected and processed for its component and performance characteristics. Bio-based polymers are manufactured with a portion of the polyol coming from a rapidly renewable resource, the soybean plant.