Troy Squires, Global Director of Sales and Marketing

Troy Squires, a long -time industry veteran, “re-joined” AstroTurf® as Global Director of Sales and Marketing in 2009. Prior to accepting this position, Troy led sales and marketing at FieldTurf International. Before this highly successful tenure at FieldTurf, Troy held a variety of senior positions at other turf companies, including C.O.O. at Southwest Recreational Industries (AstroTurf®), and Sales Director at All Pro/OmniTurf and SuperTurf. He began his career in the turf industry in 1979.

Troy graduated from Rice University in 1977, having attended on a football scholarship (“back in the old Southwest Conference days” but after leather helmets).

Troy directs an extensive network of company sales representatives and marketing support staff, including international dealers. After 20 years in Austin, TX, Troy has relocated to Dalton, Georgia. With Troy’s extensive background in manufacturing and product development (he has two turf patents to his credit, including the original concept of the Root Zone®), AstroTurf is intent on translating customer needs into product innovation. Troy puts a premium on customer satisfaction, pushing AstroTurf reps in consultative selling, matching AstroTurf’s many manufacturing assets with products that make a difference to clients large and small.

Perhaps Troy’s biggest success at AstroTurf has been in helping assemble a “dream team” of sales and operations experts with established track records of success and merging them into the existing AstroTurf family. The new teammates personally recruited by Troy–including industry veterans like Jim Savoca, Susan Fleming, Jim and Shamus Petrucelli, Jason Berning, Rusty Russell, Chad Feris, Bryan Jones, Matt Olds, Jennifer Young, Tito Steiner, and Vince Yoos–have well over 200 years of collective experience dedicated to stadium turf sales, installation and service.

Troy is continuously pushing the AstroTurf team forward to lead the industry.  As mandated by Shelby Peeples, the patriarch of the AstroTurf family, this means “being the best brand in the industry, measured not by size, but by product quality, profitability and especially customer satisfaction.”